Israel can position itself as a world leader in the field of robotics and smart systems. 

Israel have already created a few leading robotics companies such as “MAZOR”, “FABRIC”, “MEMIC ” and “MAYTRONICS”. The field of robotics involves the seamless integration of hardware and software, and provides an answer to the problem of shortages in labor in multiple sectors.

Examples of such sectors are manufacturing production lines, nursing and health workers,  logistics, agriculture and infrastructure. Today, it seems that the market is ripe for remote work and care.

This maturity is based on technological and engineering evolvement, while integrating robotics, autonomy and AI that enable the combined work of man and machine, a true collaboration between humans and robots in the same space.

Service robots and drones present another such combination.

Examples of Israeli Intelligent Robots companies


Personal AI assistant robot. Temi specializes in Robot as a Service solutions (RaaS), autonomous platforms, Al, smart assistant and cloud-based services.


AI powered and flexible automation – empowering warehouse.

Fabric robotics image


Intelligent robotic fulfillment. Fabrik is redefining both supply chains and brand experiences



Robot-assisted surgery.
Anovo - small surgical system, enables simple, minimally invasive and cost effective procedures.


Robotics in agriculture: Fruit Harvesting, On-Demand Flying Autonomous Robots.


Industry robotics - smart robotics for construction sites, autonomous finishing robot, operates alongside workers in a construction site.


Robotics in healthcare: rehabilitation. Balance Tutor assist the trainer/therapist to practice postural control with patients.


Agricultural, Biological and Cognitive, multidisciplinary research that brings together researchers from different disciplines, such as robotics, computer sciences, cognitive sciences, neurosciences, biopsychology and physiology.

Read more about the research at BGU

Robotics research at the Technion is distributed among multiple faculties. The Technion Robotics Group is an informal alliance of robotics researchers across the Technion.

Exploring human-robot interactions, increase the capabilities of robots in various tasks.

Read more about the activity at ROB-TAU

Multi-robot systems, robots that perform tasks in the field of security, cognitive modeling and the robotic soccer team. The consortium combines laboratories from the Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Exact Sciences, Department of Computer Engineering, School of Engineering.

Read more (Hebrew).

Milab – human-computer interaction research and prototyping lab.  Research fields include Assistive Technologies, Tangible User Interfaces, Social Robotics, Bio and Learning Technologies.

Read more.

Agricultural Engineering.
The activities of the Institute are mostly application-oriented and R&D projects that cover a wide range of subjects.

Read more.

The department of Mechanical engineering and mechatronics.

Read more about active research

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