Robotic Solar Cleaning

connected, AI and data-driven PV modules cleaning solutions.
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Indoor drone

fully autonomous Indoor drone security system of the highest standard
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Automation that adapts to any warehouse. SqUID, a fully automated, autonomous robotic solution.
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Intelligent robotic fulfillment

Fabric is redefining both supply chains and brand experiences.
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Smart AI based visual inspection

Visual inspection solutions that find defects that are missed by human inspectors.
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Cable Assembly Automation

Stand alone or integrated automatic cable assembly machines.
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Automated Industrial Drones

Automated drone applications for industrial purposes.
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Invent, design and build robotics

Robotic products, Custom robotics , Hi-end automation, Robotic particle R&D
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Autonomous robots integration

Solutions that enable fully automated inspections and surveillance of industrial sites.
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Warehouse robotics

AI powered and flexible automation – empowering warehouse.
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Autonomous robotics

develop and manufacture autonomous UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).
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Autonomous robot

autonomous cleaning and inspection of photovoltaic solar panels.
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Drone as a service

advanced technology implementation into drone’s domain.
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Drobot, the tiny drone (250 grams).

AI Robotics

teaching low-cost robots to perform simple production line tasks.

cleaning in the food industry

autonomous robotic system to coat the surface of food processing equipment with a specially developed polymer

Welding system

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Small Mobile Printer

palm-sized robotic mobile printer

Deep Learning Robotics

Self-learning Robotic Controller.

Deck maintenance

New deck maintenance method, Robodeck, autonomous robotic.
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